By Melanie W, From: Albuquerque, NM

Melanie's Eyebrow piercing

I’m definitely not your average, grunged out, pierced chick but I do have 14 piercings. My last piercing was my eyebrow and I had been waiting for almost two years to get up the nerve to do it. When I finally did I asked my ex boyfriend at the time to go with me and convinced him to get a piercing done too. We weren’t suppose to be hanging out so I snuck off to the tattoo shop to meet him. When we got there we were pretty freaked out looking at all the body jewelry knowing there was no backing out. Now I had had 13 piercings prior to this but I was really nervous about this one with it being so close to my eye and all. Needless to say I walked into the piercing room like everything was fine. The guy who was suppose to pierce us was so quiet and serious I was starting to get anxious. He had so many piercings it was hard to make out the features of his face. He simply told me to lay down so I did. I don’t remember much of the pain but I do remember looking up at my ex and seeing him cringe which sufficiently scared me enough to ask the guy if he was done yet. I sat up and looked in the smudged mirror at my new bling and I was definitely excited. That night I stayed with my ex. Once we got to the hotel my head started aching from the new piercing. The next morning I woke up with the fattest, most purple black eye. I knew I would have to go to work the next day so I immediately went into panic mode, icing and cleaning it every hour. The next morning my eye looked like it had been doused in purple eye shadow and it was totally obvious I was bruised. All this time I never considered what other people’s impressions would be of me when I walked into work. When I finally did give up trying to cover the mess I went to work, which at the time was at a daycare and before I even got all the way inside I was bombarded from all angles with girls gasping about “did he do this to you??” I didn’t understand what they were talking about at first and then it finally hit me. They thought I had been hit, like punched in the face. I was so humiliated. And to make matters worse I didn’t account for the fact that the side I wear my bang to covers the eyebrow ring anyway. Next piercing is NOT going on my face 🙂