Shannon S.


So I had my Industrial piercing done last December. I could not have been happier to get another piercing! After two outer helix ones and the typical lobes, I was ready for something new. I guess I’m in a rebellious phase or something, maybe piercings are just hot. Anyways, it was far less painful than I anticipated. There was the part of the actual event where I almost passed out. Having a wonderful guy who knew what he was doing while piercing my ear made things easier; he told me some hilarious stories about his youth. That guy is so personable and honestly the coolest. After I left the studio, it was far more beautiful than I hoped. It still is… on a good day. I have this bubbling around my inner helix and it is lesser but still present around my outer. It hurts like hell! I can’t sleep on the right side of my head because of the swelling. It’s kind of funny; I never had this issue with either of my other cartilage piercings. Considering one was done in my dorm at midnight and was actually pierced by a fifteen year old, and she did so with a safety pin, I probably should not have that as my healthiest piercing.
Back to my scaffold, I did some research and I came to the conclusion that it is either keloids or hypertrophic scarring. After a bit more research I finally asked my family what they thought I should do. There were of course the grandparents telling me to “take that junk out of my ear”, but one of them was content with my body mod choices. My aunt happened to be essential oil obsessed. She said tea tree oil was good for blistering. I looked up the relation to hypertrophic scars, keloids, and oils. Turns out she was on to something. Apparently a lot of people use tea tree oil for their swelling and piercing problems. So I gave it a shot. And In just a few weeks, the lumps became so much less painful and they are already beginning to decrease in size.
Now, I fully support natural remedies to unwanted piercing rejection.