By Rachel T. from Laval, Quebec – Canada

I decided to get my nose pierced about 5 years ago, after several years of thinking about getting it done. I was nervous as hell since it was my first body piercing (not including the usual ear piercings that practically all girls have). I chose this really cute and cozy place in downtown Montreal (Quebec) and once I got there, that’s when I started to get REALLY nervous. The guy was really kind and caring. He took his time to explain to me how everything was going to go and he made me sit in this big dentist-type of chair. My best friend was there with me, holding my hand. «Damn, I’m just getting a tiny nose piercing, it shouldn’t hurt that bad. » That’s what I thought. HAHA !

Everything went well, the only problem was that I stopped breathing for the 30 seconds or so that the procedure lasted, probably thinking that if I don’t breathe, I won’t move and so pierce my cheek instead of my nostril …

Any who, after it was done and after giving back my best friend’s white fingers back (white, because I was holding them so tight), they both turned around and looked at me. I remember the guy looking at me and saying: Are you feeling okay? You look … green !

He said to lay back in the chair, he pressed on some buttons and the chair started to lay back. More, more and more. At some point, being at a 200° Angle, I told him to stop, that I was going to fall off. He then grabbed me by my ankles and held me upside down, with my long hair touching the floor. And then he said: Are you feeling better now?
I actually felt better, but what a weird way to do so !

Honestly, it was such an interesting and weird day, I will remember it for ever.

Funny thing, I went back to get my belly button pierced and I got the same guy. I didn’t stop breathing that time 😉