By Kaleb B. from Houston, TX

Kaleb's Nipple Barbells

My name is Kaleb and I am a twenty-three year old female. When I was seventeen I got my nipples pierced! My boyfriend and two of my other friends came with us. We went to my friend’s piercer/tattoo artist in The Woodlands, Texas to do the job because of all of his and his shops great reviews. Never go anywhere that wasn’t recommended by a friend or you have read the reviews for the place! You want a very clean place! My boyfriend and I went into the room together and the piercer asked me to sit on the table while he got all of the supplies ready. Once he had everything and he asked me to remove my shirt and bra and he was very professional about it. He had me sit up straight and to stay as still as possible. Seems simple enough, right? But when someone is coming at you with a needle, especially when they are coming at your nipple you naturally want to move away. While sitting very still, I had my arms bent at a 90 degree angle right by my sides. At the same time my arms were flexed, like I was bracing myself for the first one. Most of the time when you get a body piercing you’re only getting one so I am getting two, one right after the other. So when I braced myself and prepared for the worse he pierced my right nipple first. After it went through I said out loud, “Wow, that wasn’t bad at all.” Much to my dismay the other wasn’t going to be as painless. When he got ready to pierce the left I had my arms down at my sides and I was relaxed, which is what the piercer told me to do from the beginning. WRONG! I should have braced myself for it like the first one because the second one hurt WAY more than the first. I don’t know why but it did, so my advice is prepare for the worse and if it doesn’t hurt that bad, still assume it will and prepare for it to hurt.