By Kayla M. from Columbus, OH

So of course when you’re in college 4 hours away from your parents there are tons of things to do that you’d never have thought doing while you lived at home. It was about 7 pm on a Friday and I was bored out of my mind. So I gave my two very good friends a call. I’d found out that the local piercing shop had a buy one get one deal on piercings and they were open late. My friends just so happened to be as bored as I was. So we piled into my friend’s little car, went to the shop, and I chose an eyebrow and a tongue piercing. I remember getting through it no problems. Apparently the real experience was a little different. So my eyebrow was first. The artist/piercer? told me to take a deep breath (my friend held my hand I guess…totally don’t remember that!) and stuck the needle through and LEFT IT THERE so I could check it out in the mirror. I thought I was fine.

I was told I was a shaking mess. Go figure. So then my tongue…All I remember is three deep breaths and then spitting blood in the sink. I must have been traumatized or something because wow! And let me just say that when they say your tongue swells believe them. Had I not had ibuprofen I think I probably would have cut my tongue out. It hurt so bad afterwards although remembering it (my way at least) my eyebrow hurt way more but the cleaning process was hell! Brush your teeth three times a day, no alcohol (ha! I was a college kid), no smoking, use expensive mouth wash anytime you’ve had anything in your mouth…But after everything was said and done…my tongue ring is one piercing I can not live without! Its just so much fun to play with! And guys love it. And when I showed my mom at first she shook her head and then she said “you know why girls get those right”? I had no idea what she meant by that but I said no anyway!!