By Shelby H From  waverly, iowa

Tongue & lip rings

When I was growing up all I ever wanted was piercings. I tried to tell that to my abusive birth mom, she told me I wasn’t going to look like a tackle box and her boyfriend told me that if I ever got any piercings he would rip them out of my body. my first piercing I ever got was when I was 18. I had sold myI was sitting in the chair as the Pierces with their lies in the needle lip piercing. I freaked out all the way to the tattoo shop. I was sitting in the chair as the Piercer was preparing the needle and tongs. My fiance didn’t even have enough time to grab my hand before the needle was going through my lip. I felt so stupid afterwards because it didn’t hurt at all. my second piercing was my eyebrow. It was done a week After my little girl was born. My fiance did it at home because he thought it was stupid to pay 30 dollars for an eyebrow piercing. My last piercing was my tongue. I had gotten money foe Christmas And as a present to myself I wanted a piercing. I freaked out the whole time to the shop again because I figured it was going to really hurt no matter how much everyone told me it wouldn’t. We get to the shop and the women calls my name. My friend starts recording the piercing. My fiance held my hand even though I didn’t need it. After leaving the shop my friend tried to get me to eat a piece of cookie and I couldn’t because my tongue was so swollen. My fiance felt so bad for me when we got home because our room mate had made chicken and all I could eat was my pudding and jello.he eventually got so mad at them eating normal food in front of me that he ripped up chicken nuggets so I could actually eat something. Lastly I still have one more piercing to get And that’s the other side of my lip. Best of all my birth mom And her boyfriend have no idea about my piercings, it doesn’t matter Anyways because my piercings are part of me and make me unique.