Summer is here. Have you thought about Body Jewelry in your tongue and the benefits? How much a piercing hurts? Have you wondered what the body jewelry in your tongue would feel like? Why some piercings may give you a better sexual experience? After meeting Stephanie, a popular piercer, and seeing her piercing I got super curious as to what it feels like. Today I will be sharing with you the secrets of some people that think they may do things better because of their piercings.

There are several piercings that can be done in the tongue. Recently I met this very attractive chick that told me: “When the time of passion comes your partner will enjoy it”. When she told me that, I honestly was surprised and very curious to what it feels like?  For this reason, I started to do some research.


There is not even a question if you are getting kissed anywhere on your body with a tongue piercing you will definitely enjoy it a little more and it could make you feel more satisfied. What happens is that we love the soft feeling of a tongue on our body and with jewelry it feels more passionate and more playful. Sometimes the piercing has texture and will make your experience very different, as well as, sometimes there are body jewelry pieces that have silicone spike or vibrate and can give you an amazing experience and it would be something you will enjoy for sure.

There are several piercings you can get done in your tongue. There is the regular mid tongue piercing which feels fantastic.  When I have kissed people with that piercing I would pull on their tongue ring and bite it. If you get body jewelry in the middle of your tongue, which is the most common place to get a piercing inside of your mouth, there are several benefits your partner will definitely enjoy as well as yourself.

There are tongue rings at the beginning of your tongue which are called scoops or surface piercings. If you have a tongue piercing in the beginning of your tongue this can bring a new sensation to the experience for your lover. Having the bar like that will give you enough support on your tongue to cause a fantastic emotion and the small metal ball or tongue ring that is on the tip of the ring will add pressure & tease. Those are the two most popular types of tongue piercings.

Now I want to share with you more on the aftercare so that you will have a better experience. After getting pierced your tongue will be swollen and sensitive, this usually lasts up to five days. It is important during this time to not smoke and avoid brushing your tongue. I would recommend you to use a non-alcoholic mouthwash after eating, kissing and after doing any activity that involves your tongue and mouth. Also washing your hands before touching your jewelry will help keep away infection.

How much does it hurt? Contrary to what many people think a tongue piercing does not hurt much more than any other piercing. Also there are fun and unique jewelry designs that can go with your personality.



If you are interested in taking your body piercing to the next level you can try a vibrating tongue ring. Bodyjewelry.com offers a large variety of products that can help you to give more pleasure to your partner.









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