The holidays are right around the corner, with Hanukkah at the end of the month and December right around the corner it is time to start thinking about holiday gift ideas. The month of November has added quite a few new items along with plugs over 1inch in size. Many people now have stretched ear lobes and it is hard to find large gauge plugs over 1 inch. Check out some of these new arrivals from
maternity belly ring


Thinking of a great gift for a pierced mom to be? How about a maternity navel ring. Designed from bio-flex, which is a flexible material designed for flexibility and movement. Maternity belly rings come in a length of 1 inch as well as a soft flexible material this will help prevent the jewelry from rejecting as the belly grows larger. Pick up maternity belly ring for that special mom to be this holiday season.

nippleIf you are looking for a special and unique body jewelry gift check out some semi-precious stone body jewelry. Semi-precious stone body jewelry is available in nipple rings, and belly rings. Semi-precious stones hold a lot of significance and is a great holiday gift idea for that special someone.


Large gauge plugs are something that can be hard to find so for those body modification lovers that are looking for the perfect gift look no further check out the plugs over 1inch, you will be sure to find something that you love.