My Favorite Piercing | Prince Albert

I got my first tattoo as a young Marine about around 1993. Unsure how many tattoos I have now but as I've always said it's a good thing I'm not a millionaire because I probably wouldn't have enough skin, now with that being said I first became interested in piercings due to an article in Penthouse magazine when I was stationed in Pennsylvania around 1997. The article talked about many different body piercings but obviously being a men's magazine focused around the piercings related to the genitalia or nipples. A Prince Albert is the one that intrigued me the most and to this day is my favorite out of all 15 piercings I currently have. Military service regardless of which branch they will often dictate to you what you canning cannot do what you can and cannot wear and what type of body modifications you can participate, that being said I had to put piercings on the back burner for that reason and also the idea of a needle going through my dick really at that time scare the hell out of me. When I got out of the Marine Corps in 1999 and moved in with my girlfriend who is now my wife I mentioned the fascination with the Prince Albert to her to which she immediately flinched and was less than enthused with the whole idea, so once again it was put on the back shelf. Time goes on in more tattoos are added but the idea of a PA is always in the back of my mind. I had a number of personal events catastrophic and make sure that occurred in 2013 so with all that going on my wife looks at me one night at dinner and I asked if I still wanted my Prince Albert? I said yes and she says great let's go get it done! Immediately the butterflies sprouted into a shit storm and my stomach somewhere between concern fear and excitement. Heading to the local tattoo and piercing parlor I spoke to the piercer asking a number of questions about what I wanted to have done he quoted a price and recommended either starting with a 10 or a 12 gauge, I went with the 12 but knowing what I know now wish I had done the 10. The process which many people have heard about is honestly not that bad the receiving tube is more uncomfortable than the actual needle because that is quick and a slight yelp later if you're done. The hardest part about a gentle piercing at least for me is that it made me so unbelievably horny that I couldn't wait the obligatory two weeks for the proper initial healing time and was doing my dead level best to break my wife in the half within seven days. As soon as she felt that small ring rub up against her G spot she gripped the sheets and told me that I would not be seeing her face for sometime and dear God don't you stop! About four months later I graduated up to an eight gauge and here I am in May 2017 currently wearing a 00ga horseshoe. I have also added a scrotal ladder, two dydoes and associated havadas. I continue to stretch a number in the ladder the largest being a four gauge hoping to end up in a zero on most in the near future. I love all my piercings and my only regret is is that I waited too long to get it done.

First Lip Piercing Experience

  My experience with my first lip piercing was exciting but scary at the same time. The piercer that pierced my lip put in a barbell that was to short, so my lip begin to swell massively.
It had pus coming out and it was both gross and very scary.  I actually begin to fear the worse that infection had set in and  I was going to have to remove my piercing until it healed.  Heck I even wanted to be rushed to the hospital because I'd never experienced anything like this before. I began to research and even ask a few people I knew with the same piercing if they had this happen to them, but everyone had different replies. I called around from place to place and even asked the piercer what should I do? His answer was "Continue to clean it!"