By Angela From: Texas


My name is Angela, I’m 21 years old I got my first body piercing for my 21st birthday. I had it all planned out, my family and I went out to dinner and of course I went out to party after dinner. The next day I set a date with my best friends, we planned to get tattoos and piercings. My birthday is December 30 so for the new year we were going to bring it in with new tattoos and piercings! We went down to the tattoo shop on Saturday afternoon and at the time I went there with the intention to only get the tattoo on my foot. When I got to the tattoo shop the girl that was working the desk area had her lip pierced on both sides…shark bites are what they are called I think. Anyways I thought they were extremely cute and I really wanted my lip pierced. I was not one for piercings, I really didnt know if I could commit to the pain twice LOL so after talking to the piercer, I decided to get a medusa piercing. It looked different alot of girls have the monroe piercing and I wanted something different so the medusa was perfect. Of course I got my tattoo first, and after that torture was done I went and got pierced. The piercing itself was extremely painful and it felt like someone had punched me in the lip for days. Once it healed though it was gorgeous and well worth the pain.