I had known my bestie for about 6 months when we got our piercings together. We went to Indiana University in Bloomington together and I had just gotten back to my dorm room when she called me.

“Hey, what’s up dude?” I answered.
“I’m thinking about getting my lip pierced”
“Oh, cool. That sounds fun. I’ve been thinking about getting my rook done. I’ve wanted it for a few years and I think I would actually be committed to it now,” I replied.
“We should go get pierced together!” She exclaimed.
“Yeah! That would be awesome! Let me know when you wanna go and I’ll drive.”

We hung up and I proceeded to get comfier in my dorm, changing clothes and hopping on Facebook to see what was going on at home. I was thinking she was going to mull over the decision for lip piercings for a few days and then we would start searching for a piercing shop in our college town when I heard a knock on my door.

“Are you ready to go?” She asked as soon as I opened the door.
I was really surprised she had come over and that fast after getting off the phone, “Go where?”
“To get pierced! I wanna go now, that’s why I called!” She laughed.
“OH. I didn’t know that, well I guess so,” I said rather calmly as I panicked in my head. Am I ready for this? We haven’t even looked at piercing shops. I don’t know where any of them are. What if the one she wants to go to is gross? How do I tell her we need to find somewhere else?

We left for a shop she had heard of called Evil by the Needle and I called my mom on the way so there wouldn’t be any surprises when I came home in a few more weeks. My mom not knowing what a rook was, didn’t approve but knew she couldn’t stop me and said she wanted pictures when it was done. (She was quite surprised when I sent an ear piercing, rather than a below-the-belt photo!)

We arrived and then my friend started trying to decide if she wanted a normal single lip piercing or if she wanted to get spider bites. We had to wait for the piercer to finish up with another customer and then it was our turn. We went into the back room which was not as well lit and fancy as the shop I was used to back home, rather it was like a large closet with a bathroom, but it wasn’t dirty and the piercer was prepping for us very professionally, so I decided I didn’t need to run screaming out the front door.

My friend went first, having finally decided on spider bites, and told me she needed me to be her support. Being the awesome best friend that I am, I told her that if she cried I would laugh at her. She didn’t cry, but she did bleed quite a lot.

When it was my turn, I started panicking again. I had no idea how bad this piercing would hurt. I had already had a cartilage before, so I wasn’t unprepared for the piercing pain, but I WAS unprepared for a headache. (If you are wanting to get your rook done, make sure you take ibuprofen or acetaminophen with you!) I bled pretty bad considering I have 6 piercings and that’s the only one that has ever bled during the piercing process itself. Inserting the jewelry was a nightmare due to a headache, but once it was done I was really excited about my new piercing.

We left the shop and took pictures of our new piercings while waiting to get ice cream at a local creamery. My mom got her very G-rated ear piercing picture and decided that she loved it after all. I absolutely love that my BFF and I got piercings together, even though I know a lot of people would say it’s on the same level as getting matching tattoos. If the friendship ends, we’ll both have the memory of how we got our piercings, even if they are completely different.

Almost 5 years later, my friend just got her rook pierced, on the left side, at the same shop. She didn’t get the same piercer because that girl no longer works there, and I didn’t get to go because I no longer live there. She agrees with me that it was the worst piercing in terms of pain, even more so than our nipple piercings, but that it was totally worth it. I have posted a picture of both of our rooks; mine almost 5 years old now, and hers, which is almost 5 days old from the time I wrote this article.