By Montanna S From Lyons, Michigan

Best Piercing Of My Life

I recently go three different piercings done at one time. The piercer was my cousin who has his own tattoo and piercing shop in Michigan Center, MI called Steel Creations. These piercings were given to me as a late Christmas, 18th birthday and early graduation present. I got my nose, tragus, and my daith done. It was a long trip done there about an hour and a half but it was well worth the time. It was one of the best experiences I have had with getting piercings. It was a quick job we started with the most difficult one which was my daith. It was difficult because of how he wanted me angled to get the needle through. He did not use a gun he just did it by hand with a needle, that is how he has don’t all of my piercings he has given my which include these three and four more. He had me lean back as far as I could and then breath in and exhale and as I exhaled he pushed the needle through. I cringed at the sound of the need going through my tissue in my ear. My ear bled a lot but as he messed with it, it started to stop bleeding. Then we moved on to my nose just because it was on the same side as my daith. Breath in and exhale he said as he pushed the needle through my nose. My boyfriend was sitting there holding my hand because he got grossed out because the needle was halfway in and out of my nose. That was wasn’t painful as bad as I thought it might have been but it did bring tears slightly to my eyes. It wasn’t so bad at all. Then he moved on to my tragus which was on the left side of my head. That to me was the most painful I cringed just because I could hear the needle go through the cartilage. In the end he let me look at all of the piercings in the mirror before and after he pierced them. Overall it was a good, an amazing experience.