Amy Q.


belly ringI had had my ears pierced at 13. Mom didn’t think I would be responsible enough before then. I had since had them double pierced. Then I discovered it. The piercing I had to have. The famed belly ring. While I wanted this done badly, there was a slight problem. I HATE needles. I was determined, however, and I was going to get it done. I had amassed a great collection of belly rings even though I didn’t have it pierced yet or even knew where and when I would get it done. I had to be prepared though, even though there is the whole healing process where you aren’t even allowed to remove it. I was ready when I could though…after I finally got it pierced that is. I live in a small town so I was limited to where i could get it done. One day, I finally decided that the day had come. I went to a tanning salon. I know. What was I thinking? I told the woman that i wanted to get my belly button pierced and she walked me back to a room and had me lay down. As I mentioned before, I HATE needles! So, naturally, I held my breath until she was done and told me to sit up. I had gotten myself ready for the pain, and got so worked up that I almost threw up. After getting over the shock and pain, I was able to look down and enjoy my belly ring…which was CROOKED!!! I was so upset but I thought maybe it wouldn’t be that noticeable. Later on, I believe it got infected and since it didn’t look that good anyway, I took it out and let it close. Years later, I decided to get it redone but this time I was doing it right. I went to a tattoo and body shop. I was brought back and told to stand straight up so that we could align the belly ring so it would be straight. What a thought! After the piercing, he made sure nothing hurt and gave me the speech of don’t touch, wash in the shower, don’t touch, don’t change it for x weeks, don’t touch, etc. His is the piercing you will be seeing. Guess what! It is actually straight and was done right. So, moral of the story. If you want anything pierced other than your ears, go to a professional! It makes a world of difference.