Katrina R.


I wanted my belly button pierced for years and finally after a lot of begging my dad agreed. My brother said I would chicken out and not do it so we made a bet. If I didn’t chicken out, he would pay for it! Yay me right? We got to the piercing parlor and my mom had to sign for me, I was only 16. My mom is squeamish when it comes to these things so her reaction was going to be priceless. As I was called back Mom was still filling out the form and my brother was taunting me. I didn’t care one bit! I sat down, happy as can be until I seen the needle then my eyes got as big as a 50 cent piece. The lady asked if I was ready and I said yes. I covered my eyes as she came closer and bit my lip. I hear my brother say “Oh no! so of course I’m thinking she messed up. I kept my eyes covered and waited and waited. Finally I said “Are you going to pierce it or not?” She said “Hun, it is pierced, I am trying to run the ball down to put on your jewelry.” I never flinched and I did not get to see my mom’s expression because she wasn’t even done filling out the form! When the piercer said she was done my mom said “Really, already!” Its been like 30 seconds, even though it took her a minute to find the ball! This was a 2 minute time lapse that seemed like forever for me. I didn’t feel a thing and I won the bet!!! That was 10 years ago and I still have my piercing and love it.