By Kylie W. from Bartlett, IL

Kylie's Belly Button Ring

It was three days before my fifteenth birthday and it was one of my last days in Florida. My mom had agreed to let my get my belly button pierced for my fifteenth birthday, but when it came to needles, I was a baby. To make sure I wouldn’t wuss out, I wanted to buy a cute belly button ring beforehand. We stopped at this tattoo place and my sister started asking around if they would pierce me.

“Sure, she needs this notary signed though before we can do it.” They handed her the notary and we got it signed by Florida tax people. This is when the fear started kicking in. The guy with purple dreads took me in the back and cleaned and pierced me. It was the weirdest feeling ever but the pain and sickness from the needle didn’t kick in until they were explaining how to clean it. I blacked out for a few seconds and found myself on their couch.

But the sickness passed and I am very happy with my decision to get my belly button pierced.