Getting my piercing was a hard decision, I thought about it a million times before making a decision. However, I knew it was the right decision because now I look edgy, attractive and very different. Wherever I go, I usually make a difference and I get a lot of attention.

It wasn’t easy getting to this point, today I will be letting you know my secrets and tricks to having a healthy and attractive piercing. As well as what to do when deciding to stretch your ears and having the best care for your piercing.

All piercings need care. There are products like Dr. Piercing after Care that I definitely recommend 100%. Because right after you get a piercing you are likely to have an infection, but you could be less likely to have one if you take care of it. When getting the piercing your piercer should clean the area with items like Dr. Piercing after Care; helps with the healing, scarring, and keeps your piercing clean and healthy.

In the case heavy gauges/tunnels, I would recommend you to always use H20cean because the gauges can be heavy and they may stretch your lobes bigger and if you sleep with them you may tend to irritate the lobes as well. Another great trick is to massage your lobes frequently and my biggest secret is to use actual sea salt with warm water and submerge your lobes for 10 or 15min.

yhst-27367612611215_2266_3953646People don’t really know this, but having your plugs in all day and night can be harmful because they are very big in addition because you are moving all day with them. I recommend using acrylic plugs some days. You can use them all day and your ears are going to feel fantastic and rested.

Fodr-piercing-s-aftercare-ready-to-use-36-swabs-reduce-scaring-and-keep-piercing-clean-good-for-dermal-piercings-16r my labret piercing, I always try to brush my teeth after a meal, in addition, I clean the area with alcohol Swabs. Products like are really helpful and beneficial.


My last recommendation is to get items that you really enjoy, that are fun and unique. I always look for items that are specific to my style and that represent me. I love to glow in the dark, gold or gold plated