By Tiffany C. from USA

I have always craved piercings and from the age of 14 (I am 21 now) I have had anything and everything pierced. I mean everything! I loved everything that a piercing was. The pain, the thrill, and even the aftercare. Growing up piercings showed how mature you were as a person and where you stood in society. I wanted that! When I turned 18 my addiction turned to tattoos until I became pregnant. The pain of my addiction became worse so I needed something to help. I contacted my sister (a piercer/tattoo artist) told me piercings were 100% safe during a pregnancy. So I was in once a week or when ever I was out of the hospital getting a piercing. It started with a 3rd tongue piercing then moved to snake bites. Much to my surprise they make you remove all piercings when you are in labor. I was only 30 weeks when I had my last piercing (a 5th navel) and they tried for 4 hours to get me to remove everything I had done. I was proud of what I had and didn’t want a single person removing them. I wanted my child to enter the world with his mother looking amazing. I was forced to take them out…well the doctors had my sister take them out while me being held down. I didn’t want them out being they were so fresh and would heal over. I started crying. My everything, my addiction was being taken away without my say so. After my son was born I was informed due to complications I was not allowed to put my shinny earrings back in. I screamed at the nurse correcting her to what they were and that I wanted those earrings back now! After an hour of arguing with her she handed them back to me. I tried for hours to put my snake bites back in. When they wouldn’t go back I cried. I couldn’t see my child (he was born too early) and I couldn’t have my fancy “earrings” back. My life was a mess. I didn’t know what to do.  After 2 years I had the guts to get my snake bites re-pierced. I love them!! I cant believe I waited this long!!