Autumn R.


Aaaahhh. Yes it was a good I have many now but here is my first experience :). Growing up I would get in trouble for even thinking about tattoos or piercings. I loved them I’ve always been drawn to them. But my adopted mother and my father told me “THEY’RE FOR THE DEVIL!!” Lol but anyways so..I turned 18 and went thru a fucked up break-up and ended up at my ex’s best friends wife’s sister’s place. Lmao. We went to her boyfriends place where we smoked a big fat bowl (my like 5th time smoking) and she told me her boyfriends dad is a professional piercer. First thing I thought was “belly ring” lol so she and I decided together to do it. I was so nervous I was getting bubbly guts. Lmao. So I went first. I just laid back and closed my eyes and controlled my breathing and the anxiety went away kinda. Plus I was telling myself I don’t have a choice lol so I laid there helpless lol. He finally put the needle thru….and all I could think was…is that it??! All the nervous shit for nothing??! Wow.. Lol
Good times lol