By Emily N. from Colorado Springs, CO

Emily Ear Jewelry

I got my auricle pierced on December 21, 2012. Other than my lobes this was my first piercing. I read a lot of stories about the horror that piercing guns can unleash so I decided to go to a professional piercer. I decided to take a friend with me for moral support. I was really nervous about getting my ear pierced because I have a pretty low pain tolerance. I psyched myself up for nothing! When it was my turn I hopped up on the table and prepared for the worst. It’s really important to breath normally. If you don’t it hurts a lot more. I was so scared it would hurt but it wasn’t much worse than when I got my lobes done at Claire’s when I was 13. I was pierced with a 14g needle and I hardly felt it. I purchased H2Ocean which really helped heal my piercing faster. About 2-3 months later I could change my piercing and it wasn’t sore at all! I love my piercing so much! I recommend having your piercing done at the highest rated place. All shops are rated and you can access the ratings by just searching on Google.

I made sure that the establishment I went to was clean and took the proper safety precautions. If something looks wrong don’t do it! A pretty new hole isn’t worth the risk of a blood borne illness. Also make sure you ask what kind of metal you are being pierced with. Some of the cheaper places use silver plated metals which can have nickel. The more expensive piercers will make sure they are piercing you with something that you aren’t allergic to. Don’t be cheap when you get piercings or you will pay. I was pierced with a titanium CBR. Even though I really didn’t like the look of the ring it made cleaning a whole lot easier and I knew that if I took good care of it I would heal faster and then could change it to what I liked better. Labret studs work really well for cartilage piercings because the back is more low profile and it wont get caught on your hair if it is long. I think the thing that was hardest for me was being patient enough for it to heal, but using the H2Ocean 2 times a day my piercing healed quick and painlessly!