By Michelle From: California


My story is pretty interesting, I would not advise anyone to do it but hey its all in growing up. My best friend and I had always been obsessed with body piercing, but we were to young to get anything on our own, we were only 16. My bestfriends sister worked in a tattoo shop she was learning how to pierce and also worked the front desk area. Her sister had like everything pierced. At the time I wanted to get my tongue pierced but I knew there was no way that I could hide that from my mom until I went to college, a nose ring was out because once again it could be seen. So I decided to get my second hole pierced, my bestfriends sister actually pierced me at their house, she had access to all the gloves, needles, and jewelry. The piercing wasn’t to bad and it didnt hurt and most of all my mom didnt say much about it. After piercing my second hole I still wanted more, I knew I couldn’t go to extreme with my ears so the next best thing would be my nipple. My bestfriend and I decided that we would each do one nipple like a bestfriend piercing kind of thing. So we went to her older sister and we had to beg and convince her until she got tired of us asking her to pierce us. We finally got her to give in to the piercing, the nipple piercing hurt so bad it was ridiculous. I ended up taking my nipple ring out because it wouldn’t heal properly, probably because I was to young to really take care of the piercing properly. I ended up getting both of my nipples pierced 4 years later.