By: Dawn T From: Louisville, KY


Typical boring day so off to the Tattoo Shop to get a tongue ring. I go with a few friends who wasn’t just to see me squirm. I finish all the prep things and the Tech tells me to stick out my tongue.. so I just stick it out kinda like you would if you stuck your tongue out at someone. So he clamps my tongue, slides the needle through, tightens the barbell and its done….WRONG! He tells me he didn’t realize my tongue was so large and the barbell he put in was to small and I was already deployments length if the barbel. He says he needs to now put in a longer one….great, just my luck. I say ok and as he is trying to put the new one in he informs me of more bad news. My tongue had already grown back together enough that I would need to be repierced. I’m like you are kidding, right..unfortunately not. At this point I’ve decided I didn’t really need my tongue done until my companions harass me for being a wuss.. So I reluctantly agree…same procedure as last time but this time I gotta walk out with my new piercing…it was 3 weeks of pure he’ll and something I would never do again.