Chrystal R.


I’m now 23 years old and I know one day I’ll have a real job where they might tell me to take them out, that’s always been my fear… Loosing these memories I’ve held on to for so long. Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with more and more holes. Be it for the pain or pleasure. I’ll take both any ol’ day! I actually finally invested in hollow tip needle from this amazing site, best thing to invest in. I used to use random pointy objects, not always the best choice… Now I can use a needle to pierce or re-pierce myself. Some may only last a few week, some last years. I’ve had my lobes sizing up on and off since I was 15, my eyebrow around the same time. I’ve grown my collection then had to shrink it. I’m kind of at a stand-still with more holes, I want them but what if my job notices? All the advice I can give is don’t pierce yourself with a rusty roofing nail, and safety pins hurt like a bitch…specially if it’s going through the nose! Oh and be safe and smart with sizing up and piercings in general!!!