By: Stephanie R. From: Houston, TX


Well what can I say, I have been in love with piercings all my life. Being a mother of three girls and a wife since 2005. I had my cheeks done one month after my last child Belladon. I even took her to the piercing studio all of one month old. I didn’t have dimples before hand but i’m sure when i die the indention will be permanent. Yes everyone I fell in love with a piercing on my face.. I since then have been offered many apprenticeships to numerous shops but me being the admirer that i am a collector of sorts prefer to sit on the side line and soak up all the knowledge that i can. i want to be well informer of the human body and the little thing that make us different so that when I finally venture out to make my path i’m doing a service to others and not just filling my pockets with dollars from naive teens who want a hole in their body. my cheek piercing was measured five times in total just to make sure everything lined up and was straight while smiling and while frowning. this was not an over night decision… i waited a whole pregnancy looking at pictures and debating on gauge size and ball size to make sure everything was custom to my face shape. i am truly in love with the result. I love my dimple rings.