Our blog is usually full of piercing stories and experiences but today we will be covering an actual piercing and the way that it is done. The septum piercing is becoming a popular variation of the nose piercing. There are many different ways to pierce your nose the nostril, septum, vertically (rhino), and much more. Today we have a video of Delilah getting her septum pierced at Black Dagger Tattoo in Margate, Florida.

The septum piercing is the piercing of the tissue that lies between the nose cartilage, the piercing is commonly performed with a 14 gauge needle, this piercing is one of the less painful ways to pierce the nose aside from the nostril piercing. This piercing is performed with septum forceps to help guide the jewelry through evenly. The aftercare for the septum piercing is generally like any other piercings aftercare. The septum usually heals in about 4 to 6 weeks. You should not change the jewelry before this time. For the first few days or maybe an even week the piercing will be sore, this is normal for all piercings they tend to be sore for a while. If the pain continues and gets unbearable you should go back to see your piercer as that may be a sign of infection.

Be sure to always handle your septum piercing with clean hands, clean your piercing twice a day. When cleaning a septum piercing you should use a q-tip and try not to move the jewelry around for the first 4 weeks. Once you have finished cleaning your piercing do not forget to completely dry it. Gently dry your piercing do not leave it wet. Once your septum is completely healed you can now play around with all different types of jewelry. The septum is usually worn with a captive bead ring or horseshoe ring but there are specific pieces of jewelry made just for the septum. The septum can even be stretched other piercings. So if you are thinking of going extreme try stretching your septum piercing.