When you think about straight barbell body jewelry you may commonly think of just the plain typical silver surgical steel barbells, but that’s not where it stops. Barbells can be found in several different colors, materials, and sizes.

Barbells are the most commonly used piece of jewelry aside from the captive bead ring for piercings. The great thing about barbells is that they come in a variety of lengths, sizes, colors and materials. Barbells come in many different materials from 316L surgical steel, solid gold, gold plated, solid titanium, anodized titanium and much more. Barbells are typically used when doing tongue piercings, nipple rings, industrial piercings, the eyebrow and several other piercings.

When it comes to shopping for your barbells make sure that you know the exact size of your piercings. Knowing the gauge size is crucial in shopping for body jewelry. The gauge size is the thickness of the stem of the ring. The next important thing to know is the length that you may need for your piercing. Buying a barbell that is too short can be harmful to your piercing.

For those who are really into body modification barbells are available for those that are interested in stretching their piercings. You can find large gauge barbells for stretching almost any piercing. Tongue piercings and nipple piercings can easily be stretched with large gauge barbells.

The eyebrow piercing can also be worn with a straight barbell, being that the eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing the curved barbell is normally used when the piercing is initially done. Once the eyebrow piercing has healed you are free to put in which ever jewelry to choose and some like the look of the straight barbell.