Nina A.


My fascination with piercings started when I was maybe ten years old and saw someone with a lip ring for the first time ever. Despite this early love of piercings, my first didn’t come until my seventeenth birthday (a nostril piercing). The year after, I went for my snakebites. I had wanted that particular piercing for the last five years and let me tell you, when I came home with that much metal in my face my parents almost had heart attacks. The year after that, I was nineteen and finally self confident enough for a navel ring, my boyfriend at the time loved to play with it once it healed. Year 20, I decided on my first tattoo and holy shit did it hurt more than I expected. By then, I had lost my left lip ring and sorely missed it. Year 21 I re-pierced the left side of my lip but it was gone again by 22. I seem to have the worst luck with that thing! At 23 I decided on an industrial. Bad bad bad idea. I went to someone I thought was a professional but he appeared try used un-sterilized jewelry in my new piercing. Long story short, the ear rejected the piercing. Last year I turned 24 and had my setup pierced. This is by far my favorite. In 8 months I will decide on my next piercing or tattoo. Who knows what it will be, but I know I will continue this tradition for as long as I can.