By Sydney From: Maryland


tonguering        tragus


So about 3 weeks ago I was in California for a short summer vacation. While hanging out down by the beach with a few friends we came across a tattoo shop that was running a special on tattoos and piercings. What better than to get a tattoo or piercing on summer break right? so we went for it. The special was 2 piercings for $65. That was great because back home in Maryland its $65 for one piercing! This decision was spur of the moment and I didn’t know what I really wanted to get pierced. I didn’t have anything pierced at the time besides my earlobes and belly button. I always thought about some kind of cartilage piercing, I didn’t know which one I just wanted one. I thought that a labret would be cute but I don’t think my mom would have really approved of it so I decided to get a tongue ring! I filled out all the paperwork gave them my I.D. and was ready for my piercing. I let my friend go first and my other friend ended up taking advantage of the tattoo deal and got 2 for $100. When I sat down in the piercers chair I was super duper nervous Im not really one for pain, she started out with the tongue piercing. I was so nervous I thought I was being pierced when the clamps were just put on my tongue LOL! I felt a pinch and it was over. The next piercing was my tragus the piercing itself was a breeze my piercer was awesome, very gentle and talked me through everything.  The only bad thing about the tragus is that you can hear everything single thing about the piercing I could hear the needle ripping through my cartilage haha! It was great and a was definitely a memorable summer vacation.