Valerie R.

Navel Piercing

When I was sixteen I had my lower navel pierced, and the upper navel piercing was done when I was eighteen. I’ve had different jewelry in my navel over the years, but my favorite was a variation of a twister ring which had shafts extending out perpendicular to the central circle. I found it at Hot Topic the better part of two decades ago, and have yet to find one like it since. I wore it in the upper piercing, and a basic curved shaft in the lower one. I ended up losing one of the threaded beads, and much to my chagrin, realized the threading was a very unique size. Unable to find a suitable replacement bead, I changed out the entire piece for a basic curved shaft. I didn’t like the look of having two basic shafts, so I found a spiral twisted ring to put in the lower piercing.

It worked nicely for a long time, until I woke up one day to find the spiral twisted up in my pajama bottoms. For days afterward it continued to be sore and irritated, and wasn’t getting any better. So I decided to find an alternative. I found this website, and ordered a few pieces of jewelry. The two I purchased for my navel were a captive bead twister ring (upper) and a seamless segment ring to help the lower piercing heal. I also purchased the ring closer/opener tool to make it easier to put in the seamless segment rings (I purchased others for my lobes) with the right tension. While putting the captive bead in the twister, I must have gripped the acrylic captive bead too tightly, because it simply shattered. A cursory search of my jewelry-making stash turned up a perfect replacement – the textured silver metal bead as shown in the picture. I had to widen the holes in it so it stayed in place more firmly, but I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now, and it’s holding beautifully. The seamless segment in the bottom had the lower piercing back to rights in just a day or two, and it’s been doing perfectly since. It was particularly helpful to be able to spin it around easily to keep it clean. While I liked the style of the spiral I’d had, I’ve not missed having it catch on pants, sweaters, or whatever else it found a way to twist itself up in. The seamless segment is lightweight, too, so it’s very comfortable.

Just recently I purchased the Yin-Yang curved shaft navel ring, which I might put in if I get bored with the simplicity of the seamless segment ring in the lower piercing. For now, though, I’m happy with it the way it is.