Mellisa M.


So I was on the school bus one day on the way home contemplating whether to get a cell phone or have my belly button pierced. Such tough decisions! Ultimately I went with the navel piercing. Seeing that I was 16 I needed my Mum’s permission. Thankfully I have cool parents, my Dad wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but my Mum basically said “it’s her money, her body and if she wants to put another hole in it that’s her prerogative.” My brother had recently gotten a tattoo which now I tease him about. It’s totally a tramp stamp of our last name! He recommend I go to the same shop that they were great it was clean, etc. So I did and it was all that. I was accompanied by my Mum as she needed to give consent. As we’re waiting a few Iron Horseman bikers stroll into the shop. My mum blurts “aw crap.” They call me over and I ask her if she wants to come and she says she doesn’t want to see them jab a needle through my skin. I was in the chair about five minutes and noticed her making her way slowly over, she was being chatted up by one of the bikers! She finally makes it to me and sits down and I said “I thought you didn’t want to watch,” she looks at me “I changed my mind!” They finish up with me and we walk out and I ask her how her chat session was she replied “he was actually very nice!” I followed all instructions they gave me let it completely heal but then made a bad mistake. When I could finally change the ring I bought a cheap one from a mall kiosk. Had it in for a few days and the area around the hole started getting really red. A few more days later when I moved the ring puss oozed out! We called the shop and they told us to come back in. There was a gal there she took a look and said the ring was cheap and the material it was made of was flaking off inside the hole. She said I needed to change the ring. So we bought one there she changed it for me and gave me instructions. Now jump 15 years later. I had the same silver twisted ring in there for 10 years and decided to change. Bought one from a body jewelry site. It was so pretty and I still wish I could wear it. I had it in 3 days redness around the hole. No puss this time. I called a piercing shop and the guy said because there was jewels hanging off the end it was irritating the home because although it said stainless steel they can use whatever for the decorations. So I took that out and popped ol’ faithful back in. Well I struggled with that irritation for a year. It didn’t make sense. That was the same ring I had in for 10 years. I finally called that shop back and he asked what type and I told him. He said it never was able to heal because the ring was always getting hit and knocked around so to put a curved barbell. I ordered two different bundles from this site, popped one in and within three days all that irritation I dealt with for a year was gone! So that has been my adventure in body piercing. My advice, be careful of where you purchase your body jewelry, remember it’s going inside your body! Cheap definitely isn’t always better, you do get what you pay for! Check the type of metal the jewelry is made of, that is extremely important! I will say this site sells good products at least the ones I’ve purchased! 🙂