By Mary F.

double zeros



This story is all about making mistakes and learning from them. Enjoy!

When I was in seventh grade, I got my normal first ear piercings. That was exciting for me, but not for long. Soon, I wanted something more! I wanted to stretch my ears, and I did all sorts of stupid things so that I could get the results I wanted. The very first mistake? Jumping from a regular ear piercing of 18 gauge to a 12 gauge ear plug. And it all spiraled downhill from there. I continued to jump sizes, like the moron I was. And I used pens, markers, and Sharpies to stretch my ears, and would put things like (clean) cut up tampons in my ears to make tunnels. Now, obviously, things went awry.

My ears started to bleed every time I sized up, but I didn’t care. I kept going until my parents made me take them out for a couple months. After they shrank quite a bit, I decided to shove pencils through my ears. Dumb, right?

But after that I decided to use the proper equipment to continue sizing up to 00 gauge, my current size. I learned that it’s just smarter and healthier to use the right equipment. So please, dear reader, I beg of you not to make the same mistakes as me!