By Casey C. From: Shreveport, LA


I am 29 years old. I have 6 piercings in each ear. They all have significance. I used the birthstone of each of my immediate family members. My mothers is the purple amethyst. The pearl is my fathers. The blue aquamarine is for my brothers. I have two brothers who both have a birthday in march. Lastly, I have a younger sister who was born on my third birthday. Our birthstone is the yellow topaz. The last two holes are my regular, everyday earrings.
I chose to do this because of how much my family means to me. I live 600 miles away and i miss them each and every day. I have a very loving and close-knit family. The piercings remind me of them, (not that i need a reminder), but also is a conversation starter!! I am asked a lot why i have so many. I love explaining them and talking about my family!
My piercings remind me that life is short and that family is important. They remind me that family is special and valuable and that life is valuable. They remind me to tell those I love that i love them because we never know when our time on earth will be over or over for any of my loved ones. My earrings  remind me that life is precious!
I also have my belly button pierced! I have a dolphin belly ring in it because I love dolphins!