By: Meghan N. From: Woodstock, GA



I have been passionate about earrings since I was born (practically). I would try on my grandmother’s clip-ons all the time. I was obsessed with the stick-on earrings, too. Today, I have hundreds of pairs (between a necklace or earrings, I always go for the latter!). However, I was not allowed to get my ears pierced until I was four years old. My mom took me to this family-owned hair dresser business in a tiny shopping center, where they also did ear piercings. This was in the country sticks, before Wal-mart and other major retailers took over. I don’t remember being scared, just excited. I don’t remember it hurting, either. I do remember the lady checked my ears a hundred times to make sure the dots were even, though! And I finally got my little diamond studs. That was the beginning! It was special for my mom to have taken me, and when I could change my earrings, my dad bought me some very beautiful, petite gold hoops (which I still have stored away in my ‘childhood’ jewelry box). Every few years, as I grew, my dad would present me with larger hoops. He occasionally bought me other earrings, but those gold hoops were incomparable. Every piercing I got since the first one was for a special, significant occasion. My senior year of high school warranted my second holes – 12 years after my first. My freshman year of college was a cartilage piercing (an almost spur-of-the-moment, defiant, I’m-on-my-own decision…but I still love it). My senior year of college was another milestone, but it was made more special by bringing my experiences thus far full-circle. It was a beautiful, sunny spring day. It was a day to just enjoy the moment. So…after attending tons of grad school interviews with me, and giving 21 years of unending support, encouragement, and love through my life and school time, my mom and I got our third hold together. It was a great experience, so special, and that third hole will always mean so much. I’m still getting piercings for various occasions, but that one will always be my favorite (and I still wear gold hoops!).