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Monthly Archives : May 2017

My Favorite Piercing | Prince Albert

I got my first tattoo as a young Marine about around 1993. Unsure how many tattoos I have now but as I’ve always said it’s a good thing I’m not a millionaire because I probably wouldn’t have enough skin, now with that being said I first became interested in piercings due to an article in Penthouse magazine when I was…

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Grandma Pierced What?!OMG

I am 47 years old. A Mother, Grandmother, and I have lots of piercings. Now I know what you are thinking..”OMG!.. you are TOO OLD to have all of those piercings!!” or maybe.. “You are a should NOT have all of those piercings!!” Well, First of all, why is it anyone’s business how I choose to look?? I currently…

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