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Monthly Archives : October 2016

To Scalpel or Not to Scalpel?!

Ear Scalpelling is one of the most controversial body modification procedures. The piercer makes a small scalpel cut outward from an existing earlobe piercing to enlarge a piercing very quickly. This takes the wait out of stretching. Scalpelling is often done by a piercing professional at a standard Tattoo/Piercing shop and requires consultation for pricing and jewelry choices. Below is…

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In Lips We Trust

The best ways to show off your perfect bout besides lipsticks, are lip piercings. Lip piercings have been around for ages and mainly started within South American and African cultures. This practice often used a plate inserted into a widely stretched hole at the bottom of the lower lip (Ouch.) symbolizing fertility and maturity. With the evolution of this fashion…

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