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Monthly Archives : August 2016

Piercing Tip Of the Week: Aftercare

If you’ve ever wondered about the best aftercare treatment for you new piercings, after reading this post you’ll be convinced the H2Ocean saline solution is the way to go.   According to most professional piercers, the first choice in aftercare is H2Ocean for new piercings. This saline solution is well known in the piercing community for its consistency to provide…

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Piercing Tip of The Week

One of the latest trending piercings today is the notorious cheek piercing. Given the various anatomical structures in that part of your face, and the considerable movement, cheek piercings are subjected to, abscesses, cysts and fluid build-up which are a risk. After speaking with our close piercing friend, Iguana, he explained why he doesn’t recommend this type of piercing. “I…

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Piercing Tip of the Week

If you are experiencing bumps on your nose piercings, then this helpful tip should help to get rid of them. Tea tree oil is used for infections to the skin such as: acne, nail fungus, lice, scabies, etc. Most piercers recommend the use of tea tree oil on nose piercings that have become infected because it is extremely powerful in…

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