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Monthly Archives : May 2016

P.A. Memoir

BK The only surviving piercing I still have is my P.A. (nipples long ago closed up) I got it approximately 20 years ago at a small shop in Joplin, MO. At that time my home state did not have legal tattooing and body piercing shops so I had to road trip it. I had gone out the night before with…

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Autumn Sky’s first piercing

Autumn R. Aaaahhh. Yes it was a good I have many now but here is my first experience :). Growing up I would get in trouble for even thinking about tattoos or piercings. I loved them I’ve always been drawn to them. But my adopted mother and my father told me “THEY’RE FOR THE DEVIL!!” Lol but anyways so..I…

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Belly Button Piercing

Katrina R. I wanted my belly button pierced for years and finally after a lot of begging my dad agreed. My brother said I would chicken out and not do it so we made a bet. If I didn’t chicken out, he would pay for it! Yay me right? We got to the piercing parlor and my mom had to…

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