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Monthly Archives : March 2016

Thinking of getting a new piercing? Read this first!

Alyssa B. I have learned my lesson about where you should go to get your piercings done over the years of me acquiring a total of 16 piercings. I began to get the majority of my piercings while I was in college. The tattoo parlor down the street from where my campus was did piercings for $20 that included jewelry.…

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A Brief History of My Navel

Valerie R. When I was sixteen I had my lower navel pierced, and the upper navel piercing was done when I was eighteen. I’ve had different jewelry in my navel over the years, but my favorite was a variation of a twister ring which had shafts extending out perpendicular to the central circle. I found it at Hot Topic the…

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My Lasting Love

Chrystal R. I’ve always strived to be different and unusual. So when I received this piercing it was just that, different and unusual. People have stated that they have seen this before, but however many claim such things, I myself have never witnessed with my own eyes the same piercing. Usually it comes with questions and unusual looks. I’ve not…

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I am 48 and I got my nose pierced!!

Genessa N. My name is Genessa and I am 48 years old. For many years I have wanted to get my nose pierced. I have a daughter now 24 years old that when she was in high school she and I wanted to go together and get our noses pierced. I contacted the school system due to the “school clothing…

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My Interest in Piercings

Edith R. My love for piercings started with my older sisters tongue ring. I thought it was the coolest thing ever at the age of 8. I thought it was even more cool that my mom didn’t like them. As I grew older, my fascination for piercings grew. As well as the want for them. I reached the age of 14…

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