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Monthly Archives : December 2015

My Cheek Piercings

Katrina L. This is my experience about getting my cheeks pierced, I’m constantly asked if they hurt, if they are bars or just dermals…etc. first off, no, I did not have dimples before I got my cheeks pierced but even after I take them out, I will have dimples as I’ve had my piercings for two years. Yes, it did…

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Shannon D. One day my best friend called me up and says “hey I wanna get my nipples done, come with me!” Obviously I agreed to go with her. So she picks me up and we head to the tattoo and piercing shop. We talk to the piercer, it’s all good and we go back into the room where she gives…

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Piercings Only

Rae A.Hi! My name is Rae. I have 6 piercings. My first piercings where my ears as a baby, then the top of my ear when I was 15. My next piercings weren’t until after I got married. I had both nipples done. Let me say, I do not suggest ever doing that again, so painful. The next one was…

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Nipple Shock

David B. About ten years ago I went to a piercing shop with the intention of getting a nipple piercing. Now, I’m a big guy 6’2″, 358 lbs, shaved head, goatee, tattoos. I’m quiet soft spoken kind of guy, though people still tend to avoid me thinking I am trouble. The shop was pretty busy that day so I went through…

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Sister Septum

Elisa M. I have three younger sisters and we are all best friends. We are very close in age and are really more peers than anything else. Over the years we have done everything together: high school, puberty, college, dating, marriage, jobs, etc. My youngest sister (by 5 years) was always a bit quieted by her three louder sisters and…

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Nose Piercing Fallout

Janiel S. This wasn’t my first time piercing myself, but it was my first time using the kit from My experience was actually kinda funny, when I look back on it but anyway. I have both the nose piercing kit with the septum clamp, and the regular nose clamp including of course the needle, piercing spray, and a hoop…

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