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Monthly Archives : August 2015

Navel ring more painful than a septum!

Jaclyn W. I got my septum and navel pierced on the same day, a while after I turned 18. The piercing shop had a special, two piercings for $20. It was a spur of the moment kind of deal, and I always had wanted a septum. I had wanted a septum ring when I was really young, but my mom…

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The Lip, The Needle, and The Lazy Eye

Tyler R. Hello. So i decided to get my lip pierced, so I asked my father if i could get it done for my birthday. He said no. So i then proceeded to ask my mother. Due to perks of divorced parents, she said yes. So the day after my birthday my mother took me to a local piercing shop.…

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Kathrine R. So my interesting piercing story would have to be my getting my Medusa, it was my very first piercing. I have 3 now, being my Medusa, my nose and my tongue. So let’s get to the story, it being my very first piercing I was really nervous to get it, I was actually debating between getting the Medusa…

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Rude Rook

  Chelsea F. My girlfriend and I went for a new piercing New Years Day. Gypsy Rose in Calgary AB, Canada (where all my piercings are done) was open and it was gonna be a good day!! I was first up to the bench, choosing the rook as my next to get. I have my lobes stretched to 5mm, second…

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