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Monthly Archives : June 2015

Labret Piercing

Eric D., Okay, so I purchased the necessary materials for a do it yourself piercing. I purchased the clamp, the sterile 16g cannula needle (the one that has the hollow tube around the needle itself), the labret jewelry in 3 different lengths, some latex gloves, and some alcohol wipes. At first I thought, oh wow im actually going through with…

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Favorite Piercing ❤

Lonyea D. So I got my anti-eyebrow pierced about a month ago. I love my piercing and I’ve always wanted the micro dermal but instead, I got the anti eyebrow because I am able to change the jewelry. I have a high pain tolerance. I realized it after I got my anti-eyebrow done. My belly was pierced in September. I…

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Just Do it

Ashley S. I had the pleasure of getting my septum pierced last Autumn. If you would’ve told me anytime before it actually happened I would’ve never believed you. I’ve always been very shy my entire life. I’ve always done what I was “supposed” to do. One late night after work I was hanging out with some of my friends, and…

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Nose Piercing

Meg R. I’m here to share my piercing experience. I love piercings as much as the next guy. I just always have terrible luck in the healing process. I recently got my nose pierced. Let me tell you, they are more pretty than they are fun. Haha. It has had the worst time healing! I have two kids, each have…

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My Dermal Piercings

Sonya G.   Hello, I’m Sonya and these are my dermal piercing stories. Please keep in mind with any piercings that no matter what your age, every piercing you have, like tattoos are a form of self expression and art so wear them proudly and let the haters hate… I know I do and although I didn’t start doing a…

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