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Monthly Archives : April 2015

Grad School

Meg N. Choosing to go to grad school in a different state was a little daunting, considering my college had only been 45 minutes from home. But it was new and exciting. As the first year went on, I made friends, many with interesting piercings. Before this point, my most adventurous piercing was my belly button. I noticed the tragus…

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The baby of the family

Jaimee P. When I was little I remember my mother lecturing my siblings about how to protect your bodies and not mark them with ink and pierce them with metal. She was hesitant to even let me get my ears pierced when I was 6. As my siblings and I grew her mind set changed. It mostly changed because once…

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Spontaneous Nose Piercing

Jennifer T. So, here’s my totally random story….I had been contemplating getting a nose piercing for quite some time….thinking of the pros and cons, “will it be acceptable in the workplace?”, “will people look at my differently because of it?”, “will I even like it?” All this contemplating took place when I was around the age of 18. My mom and…

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Juanita G. EMPTY MEMORIES I bring you this, new, line of mine, and a 925 designed reminder of the once lost and gone daughter, from in a “time silence died”. This is placed at waist wasted and desecrated , a locket marked at a heart’s socket devastated by plain as day takers and rapists. Locked and mocking this ring is…

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Tounge Piercing

Ezra B. One day me and my friends all went to this tattoo shop right by my house. My friend walked in there first and ask them to give him a random piercing. So they gave him a list of their piercings and he tried to pick the Prince Albert. When he was done with his piercing I got the…

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