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Monthly Archives : March 2015

My Story

Liana R. When I was younger my sister got a nose piercing, which is one reason I wanted to get the piercing that I currently have. Right now the only piercing that I have is a Monroe piercing, which looks pretty epic. Because of my age and the fact that my mother is queasy when it comes to body modification,…

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My Industrial Piercing

Maureen M. I had wanted my industrial for about 5 years before I actually went to my piercing shop in Brooklyn, NYC to get it. And luckily, when I went to go get it the piercer told me that I had the perfect ear for it. I had researched it a lot before I went, and a bunch of people…

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A piercing (or tattoo) a year

Nina A. My fascination with piercings started when I was maybe ten years old and saw someone with a lip ring for the first time ever. Despite this early love of piercings, my first didn’t come until my seventeenth birthday (a nostril piercing). The year after, I went for my snakebites. I had wanted that particular piercing for the last…

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My Belly Button Piercing Experience

Destiny B., Florida On November 1, 2014 I decided to get my belly button pierced. I went to my local tattoo shop in Hollywood, Fl. I was nervous at first but I calmed myself down. I was nervous because I have no tattoos and I have no piercings besides my ears that I got done when I was a baby.…

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Celebration for my freedom

Buff C. My wife and I had just separated and she was trying to get me to come back to her, but strictly on her terms, which were not acceptable. I decided that I needed to do something that I knew she would not approve as a statement of my independence. I considered getting a tattoo, but they are so…

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