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Monthly Archives : February 2015

Industrial Bar Piercing

Savannah S. I have always thought industrial piercings were amazing but was always too scared to actually get one. I finally built up the courage the summer after my freshman year in college. My three best friends and I went down to the mall excited for some new piercings. I was getting an industrial (finally) and one of my other…

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My Tongue Piercing!

Lynzey O. When I was around 12-13 years old I begged my dad for a tongue piercing because it looked so cool and at one point in my dad’s life he had one. I’ve always liked the look of a tongue piercing and thought it was so cool that I could buy different balls to go onto my piercing. Around…

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You are never too old!

Bonnie S. I will be 49 in August and am planning to have my fifth piercing in about a week. The road to these piercings has been a long one.I have been acquiring tattoos since I was a teen but only discovered piercings about 8 years ago. My oldest stepson came home on his eighteenth birthday sporting nipple piercings. I…

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