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Monthly Archives : August 2014


By. Carly B., Ontario My name is Carly and I have 6 ear piercings. I have not had the best year at school, and my plans to get an industrial bar got side tracked by my parents. When you live at home, you live by their rules. But I still wanted a new addition to my ears. And instead of…

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Piercing At Home with

By: Patricia M., North Babylon, New York      One day, I was browsing on, and I noticed that needles were fairly inexpensive, so I bought one, and the needed materials to safely pierce my nose, along with some items for my ears. A week or so later, my needle and the needed products arrived. Instead of the 16 gauge…

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Piercing Kits Are Here to Stay

So it looks like body piercing kits are here to stay. More and more people are are trying their hand at piercing at home and these kits are flying off the shelves! We spoke to the gang over at and they informed us that since the kits were introduced, they’ve sold hundreds. Which brings up the question, ‘Who is…

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