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Monthly Archives : June 2014

Amazing Jewelry, Amazing Site

By: Casey C., Pennsylvania I never thought to try, until my mom suggested I try their site. I can honestly say, I go on their site every day if not twice a day to see if there is any new rings that I want. I have ordered numerous belly button rings throughthem and continue to order many more. I…

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Tongue piercings and problems!

By: Casey R., Utah I’m no stranger to the needles, I have had a total of 18 piercings (some retired now) and 8 tattoos 🙂 My best advice to people wanting piercings is RESEARCH! please look into what your doing and who your letting pierce you, also what materials and methods they use. My best example of this was getting…

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Lower Navel

By: Mellisa H., New Hampshire I had my upper belly pierced twice and it fell out both times. I’m not sure if I was just pierced wrong both times or if I was taking care of it wrong or if it was the jewelry. I have allergies to some metals. I did research as I really like having my belly…

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By: Crystal P., New Zealand Me and a friend decided to go get matching piercings one day and I let her go first… that was a mistake because she has so many piercings and the piercer likes to test her pain tolerance. Midway through the piercing with the needle half way in she decides to let my friend touch where…

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Lesson Learned

By: Cass I have multiple ear piercings, and have always gotten them done at the mall (I actually had most done during my time employed at a certain accessory store that does ear piercing). So when I decided to do my own piercing last year, a good buddy of mine told me where I could buy disposable piercing guns CHEAP.…

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My B-Day Present to Me!!!!!!

By: Kat L., Statesboro, GAHi! My name is Katrina but my friends call me Kat! I wanted to share my story about my dimple piercings because I had to do lots of research & hopefully this will help out someone who wants to find out more! I remember the first time I ever saw someone w/dimple piercings….I was 12 or…

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What you never expect to do in your lifetime

By: James K. As I look back on it now it all started many years ago and to understand this you have to relive that time. In those days men had the tattoos and even ear piercing was a female thing with the exception of those that were into Goth. Well I started working part time in a restaurant a…

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