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Monthly Archives : February 2014

Best Piercing Of My Life

By Montanna S From Lyons, Michigan I recently go three different piercings done at one time. The piercer was my cousin who has his own tattoo and piercing shop in Michigan Center, MI called Steel Creations. These piercings were given to me as a late Christmas, 18th birthday and early graduation present. I got my nose, tragus, and my daith done. It…

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Tongue & lip rings

My Body Is a Temple Why Not Decorate It?

By Shelby H From  waverly, iowa When I was growing up all I ever wanted was piercings. I tried to tell that to my abusive birth mom, she told me I wasn’t going to look like a tackle box and her boyfriend told me that if I ever got any piercings he would rip them out of my body. my…

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Oil is essential when stretching lobes!!

By Brianne K .   Ever since I was thirteen and a lil before I loved piercings and all types of body modification. I started getting piercings at 13 and I saw gauges when I was younger and outwardly aux those are stupid and ugly but deep inside I thought they were rad. So I started out with subtly putting in…

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