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Monthly Archives : October 2012

Body Jewelry Metal Materials

If you are wondering what type of metal material you should get for your piercings, here is a few facts about each type of material. STEEL: Surgical steel, also referred to as Implant grade steel is a steel alloy that is the most common body piercing material in the United Staes. It can be polished to a shiny surface, and many…

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The Piercing Market

Many people wonder how much the piercing industry and market has grown. We have gathered some facts that will enlightened us as to how far the piercing market has gone and how much more it will grow. The piercing market is a $500 million dollar business in today’s economy. This market grows approximately 10% each year. The US Census says…

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Internal or External?

For those who do not know the difference or just need visual aid to understand the differences between Internal threaded and external threaded body jewelry  here they are: This picture will show you where the threading is on which one.   We hope this helps you in your future shopping experiences.

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