By Ariel C. from Minnesota

Ariel's tragus rings

 I consider myself a fiscal person–always looking for a good way to save a couple extra pennies here or there, why not in a time like this? Groundhog Day 2012 (February 2nd) turned out to be the only day that would fit into my schedule to get something that would change my life–my first tattoo. However, knowing that it had been a year or two since my last ear piercing, and that I wanted a new one, my brain somehow came to the conclusion that I should simply get another piercing “while I’m in pain anyway from the tattoo”–killing 2 birds with 1 stone, per se. Little did I know, but even after an hour and a half of needle scraping into my then-untattooed virgin skin, my piercing still hurt like nothing I’ve had pierced before. I decided to get a tragus piercing; it’s a beautiful placement and I knew I always wanted it. Once I sat in the chair for the piercing, I was confident that it would barely tingle as my sister said she had no pain while she got hers, as well as my best friend. Yet, when the woman pierced–no, drilled–into my tragus, I heard the most God awful crunching sound resonating in my skull. After the entire ordeal, not only was my ear dripping blood but the woman simply said, “That may have been the hardest cartilage that I’ve ever had to pierce.” How lucky of me… Regardless, even after enduring the pain from my tattoo and my new piercing, I left the parlor pleased and thrilled to have two new accessories for my body. I changed my ring to a horseshoe style ring that I bought from, and I couldn’t be happier! I can only hope to plan my next tattoo/piercing adventure!