By: Patricia From: Oaklahoma


I just got my belly button pierced last week after 8 months of convincing my mom that I can take care of it and that I was responsible enough to get it. I just turn 16 in September and my mom promised me that I could get my belly pierced when I turned 16. It took a bit more convincing but I finally got her in the tattoo shop with me to get it pierced. I was so excited when she told me yes that I made my appointment with the piercer in advance. When I got off of work on Friday she was waiting for me and we headed down to the tattoo shop. I was was so excited I took my best friend with me too. When we arrived at the shop they had a piercing promotion where all piercings were 2 for $60. My best friend didn’t have the permission to get anything pierced so surprisingly my mom said she would get something. My mom filled out the paperwork for both of us to get pierced, I got my belly and she got a second hole piercing in her ear. It wasn’t much but it was pretty cool to get pierced with my mom!