Kari From: Arizona


My name is Kari, my piercing story is about my septum. I was only in high school when I got my septum pierced, but my mom took me to get it. My parents are pretty laid back, I made a promise with my mom that as long as I kept up with my grades I would be able to get my piercing and keep it! She agreed with the consent of my father of course and we made plans to go. It seemed like the longest week in history but Friday had finally come, we went down to the tattoo shop that was downtown. When I got there I was super nervous my palms were sweating. My mom had to fill out a consent form to allow me to get pierced, the piercer then called me to the piercing room. My heart began to race and I felt my moms hand on my shoulder as she said I know your not scared you nagged me for 3 months to get this. I  giggled a little bit, it helped me calm my nerves. I sat down on the piercing table, the piercer went over the type of jewelry he was putting in my nose for healing he explained the big clamps that had to do in my nose as well, can we save uncomfortable! He finally got the to piercing and it was painful my eyes even watered my nose was a lil runny too LOL. When I got to school that Monday alot of people thought my septum ring was fake, they couldnt believe I actually did it, but they loved it though.